Electrical FAQs

LED (light emitting diode) bulbs have lots of advantages over incandescent globes and even the older CFL energy saving globes. Considering lighting tends to account for 10-20% of a typical energy bill, if you do decide to make the switch you can expect to see significant energy savings.

  1. LED lights use less energy: An LED light typically uses 90% less energy than an equivalent incandescent or halogen globe. As an example, a 50watt halogen globe could be replaced by a 12watt LED globe and provided the same if not more than the original light, at a fraction of the cost.
  2. LED lights last longer: If you have Halogen downlights in your home, then you will know just how often these globes will blow, this can be a hassle to you as the home owner to constantly replace these globes time and time again. The good news is if you switch to LED lights they will last approximately 20 times longer (50,000 hours).
  3. LED Lights are better for the environment: There are two major reasons that LED lighting helps the environment, the first is related to the fact that LED lighting uses less energy, this means that energy demand decreases and therefore less power is required in the first place. The other reason LED lighting helps the environment is because the bulbs themselves can be recycled, they also contain no hazardous solids, liquids or gases, which can be harmful to the environment

Another few reasons why LEDs are the best option for you:

  1. LEDs produce little to no heat and can reduce a risk of a fire compared to standard globes significantly.
  2. LEDs are much brighter than your traditional lighting solution and will improve visibility
  3. LEDs immediately switch-on with no warm-up time, and operate silently, meaning no annoying buzzing noise.
  4. LEDs can be installed and utilised both inside and outside of the home with no effect on lighting quality
  5. LEDs have the ability to be dimmed

These are just a few of many reasons why LEDs will benefit you, so call the A+T Puckle office to arrange your obligation FREE quote today and make the switch today

This is usually caused by one of three things. The first reason may be that there is simply too many electrical items connected to the problem circuit. Electrical circuit breakers are designed to only handle a certain amount of electrical demand, if the circuit exceeds the rated amount, this will cause the circuit to trip. The second reason is that there could be a short in the wiring or a faulty electrical item on the circuit, and the third is that the circuit breaker is faulty. It is recommended that a qualified electrician is contacted to evaluate the problem and insure there are no safety issues.

LED Lights are by far the most energy efficient lights to install in your home, they use approximately 90% less than your average incandescent or halogen globe. A lot of people do not want to invest in LEDs as they believe they are too costly, but since LED lights have been introduced to the market they have only gotten better, brighter and cheaper.

LED lights have many advantages and are definitely worth thinking about, LED lights will significantly reduce your power bill, provide you with a brighter light, no annoying buzzing noises, turn on instantly, reduce your fire risk, and because LED lights last for 50’000 hours maintenance will become a thing of the past.

The most common reason for a smoke alarm making a beeping noise is to get your attention, usually a smoke alarm is programmed to beep every few second when the battery needs replacing, if this is the case most smoke alarms have a 9v battery, If you have replaced the battery and the smoke alarm continues to make a beeping noise it may be time to call an electrician, this will usually mean there is a problem with the electrical cabling to the smoke alarm.

Never ignore this noise because smoke alarms are installed to protect you from any possible fire danger, if your smoke alarm isn’t operating properly do not delay contacting your electrician to fix the problem to keep yourself and your family safe.

It’s hard to tell exactly what is causing your electricity bills to be so high. The main factors for a high electricity bill are heating and cooling appliances, such as Air conditioners, electric heater, electric ovens and cook tops, dishwashers, fridges/freezes, and surprisingly your common kettle!

As you can see there are a lot of possible causes for high power usage, But A+T Puckle have a simple solution to find exactly what can be done to reduce your electricity bill.

By installing an Energy monitor in your home, It allows you to keep an eye on how much power is being used in, The energy monitor is designed to calculate just how much power is being used, it allows you to see how many kilowatts your house is using at the current time, and also will allow you to see how much this is costing you.

Once the monitor is installed correctly you can take the display inside as it communicates wirelessly to the device in the MSB (main switch board) this allows you to watch how much power your house hold is using in the present time.

*for example, If you are looking at the display and turn on the kettle, after a few seconds (6-9 seconds) the display will jump up to a new and much higher number. You can also at this time move to the next screen and see how much it is costing you to run your kettle.*

The energy monitor is a great idea to help you learn what can save you power in the long run.

Call the A+T Puckle today to have your energy monitor installed today and make a difference to your bill!

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